Will you be rick rolled?

Idek why this has made the light of day but enjoy.....if possible.

Is never gonna give you up a good song?

  • Duh of course it is!
  • Nope...

Would you ever give me up?

  • Happily (you're probably in the gc then)!
  • Never!

Do you ever give up?

  • Yes I'm quite good at it actually.
  • No my middle name is determination.

What would you give up if you had to pick something?

  • My vroom vroom car
  • Myself lol
  • My finger (goodbye Hobbes)
  • My friends (who needs em)
  • My pet rock
  • Rick Astley

Is this the best quiz ever made?

  • I would say yes actually it is.
  • ehhhhhhh.....well this is awkward.

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