- TT Sportback concept (Imagine source: Motor1)

Will you buy an Audi TT with four doors?

44w ago


Audi TT has been known by its unique exterior design since the first generation unveiled back in 1998 and this tradition was meticulously inherited by the second and the third generation. It is clear that TT has become Audi’s most iconic sportscar today (sorry R8, but it’s the fact). It seems Audi doesn’t satisfy with coupe and roadster models. They are certainly planning to give TT a transformation, which is possible to be a new four-door model.

TT Mk1 (imagine source: PistonHeads)

If someone says the CEO of Audi came up with this idea when he was showering, don’t take their words. In fact, TT is currently standing on an awkward position. With its award-winning design and the famous EA888 engine-which is unquestionably one of the greatest engine of Volkswagen-the sales figures of TT illustrate a completely opposite situation. According to Carsalesbase, there are only 2294 sales of TT in the US and 16,281 sales in Europe in 2017. The sales were 4355 and 38,335 effectively ten years ago. With around 50% drop on sales, no wonder they are looking for a way out.

But how to solve the problem? The success of A5 Sportback gives Audi confidence. While the passion of SUV keeps taking over the world, another trend of four-door coupe rises quietly. With slick curves and sporty shape, who want a boring old-school sedan?

Check out the curves! (imagine source: Motro1)

According to the TT Sportback concept revealed in 2014, the next generation of TT might look similar to the new A7 (C8) but with generally smaller size and the iconic fenders streching outward. The platform should remain on VW's MQB platform, equiped with a serise of gasoline and diesel engines. Mild hybrid (MHEV) engines are highly likely to see on the new generation of TT but fully electric models are less possible to show up. US models should have standard quattro all-wheel-drive system and 6-speed S tronic gearbox. Maybe it's time we say goodbye to manual on TT. Anyways, I look forward for a RS version of the four-door TT.

Interior of TT Sportback conpet (Imagine source: Motor1)

The interior will most likely remain the same as the current generation. Standard virtual cockpit, lolipop-shaped shifter, three-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel and five round air vents will certainly stay. There might be extra options for luxurious leather and other high-quality materials considering it is not an pure sportscar anymore. The biggest expectation are the rear seats. It is impossible they use those squeezed rear seats from current TT. We assume there will be two individual seats separated by a center console extended from the one between the front seats, just like the Panamera.

Rear seats of TT Sportback conpet (Imagine source: Motor1

Looks like Audi finally can't let Mercedes CLA monopolizes the market anymore. Meanwhile, the long-rumored BMW 2 series GranCoupe is rumored to have progress on development again recently. I can see a rudiment of battlefield growing up. Only time can tell if the four-door TT becomes a new fashion star or a joke.

It is hard to imagine a world without cute little TT. I would be happy if Audi adds four-door model into the lineup along with the coupe and roadster model instead of discontinuing the two-door version. Maybe there will be a SUV version of TT in the future. Who knows?

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