Will Your Car Turn Into The Terminator?

Will The Future Of Robots Really Be The End Of Man-Kind?

3w ago

Robots. Computers. They are helpful and good for our lives, but we have a HUGE problem growing. We are relying WAY to much on them, like we let them drive us around while we watch Game of Thrones on our phones. I'm not in any way against technology being used for the good of man-kind or science or whatever, but reading articles on here and seeing the amount of freedom and responsibility we are giving robots and computers to do all of these things on their own, is scary as all hell. We are so worried about can my phone do this for me and let's add another camera or "Tesla open butthole", that we are blinded by the fact that they retain that information. They save it. All of it. Now, I'm not saying that they think on their own or it's a little transformer in your pocket, robots are still extremely primitive, but we keep this blindness up it will start with the things you say in your Tesla or that Alexa overhears can be used against you in court. Then Alexa starts reporting stuff on her own, next thing you know it's Judgement Day. The bombs are dropping and the machines are killing. With our current mindset of computers and robots doing so much for us instead of with us, it's scary. Their are plenty of good computers and robots, like the computer in your car that reads all the information and lets you see your mileage and gauges or listen to your radio. I'm scared of the things that do EVERYTHING for you, instead of with you. We should work alongside machines, not behind them. This is my warning to the world that it's very, very close to a time where your car becomes the Terminator.

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