Williams welcomes back Jenson Button as 'Senior Advisor'

The F1 champion has returned to the team that gave him his first big break.

Back in 2000, the little-then-known Jenson Button signed with the Williams Racing, becoming Britain's youngest F1 driver, and also becoming one of the youngest F1 drivers to score a point when he finished sixth in Brazil that year, although he didn't get a podium finish.

Now, Button has been re-hired by Williams as a 'Senior Advisor', with the team stating that his role is "to call upon his over 30 years of motorsport experience to provide advice and guidance to the team at Grove, along with helping support and develop both race and academy drivers."

The role will also see Button support Williams' marketing and media activities, and in general act as support for the team. Williams also confirmed that Jenson will also continue his job at Sky Sports.

Button has expressed his excitement and optimism at once again working with Williams: "Sir Frank Williams showed faith in me which I will be eternally grateful for and I am incredibly excited to have the chance to come back and help the team as it strives once more for success. There’s a lot of hard work to be done but I have no doubt the future is incredibly bright for this fantastic team and I can’t wait to get started.”

In my opinion, it's kind of strange for Williams to hire a man who only lasted one season as their driver and who didn't even score a single podium finish during that season. That's like Red Bull Racing hiring Daniil Kvyat as their safety expert - it just doesn't make much sense to me.

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  • Great move Williams

      1 month ago