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Video and poll are below. You see, Porsche don't like it when someone takes their record. Especially when it's in their backyard. In fact, it really is in the backyard of Factory backed team, Manthey Racing. Yes Lamborghini, we mean you.

Porsche have used the 'MR' moniker on their GT3 Cup, GT3R and GT4 Clubsport cars before – and an MR car will be totally dialled in. Very focused and quicker around a track. Porsche AG own 51% of Manthey Racing now and they offer MR 'packages' for many of their GT based cars. And that's what this GT2 RS is, an MR special edition - the driver's seat was the only extra modification compared with the version of the GT2 RS MR that can now be ordered from Manthey-Racing for fast road set-ups and track day events. A racing bucket seat was fitted in the record-breaking vehicle for safety reasons.

“The drive was great fun,” says development engineer Lars Kern. The 31-year-old knows the ‘Ring’ very well from test and record drives as well as numerous VLN races. “The balance of the car is also very good with the new package. I did not have to take any great risks to be fast. But I only had one attempt because it was already getting dark. It worked out first time though.” Manthey-Racing CEO Nicolas Raeder adds: “We are very proud. It was a great challenge to make the already tremendously fast Porsche 911 GT2 RS even faster.”

The new GT2 RS MR was almost 5 seconds faster than the previous record holder, the Aventador SVJ.

Do we expect Lamborghini to come back at Porsche with another special? Almost certainly. But maybe, Porsche are also keeping their powder dry? See our last feature that talks of a GT2 RS Clubsport that could well be launched soon. Only time will tell if that's an out-and-out racecar or a trackday special that could also be road legal?

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