Win 250 TribeCoins by redesigning the DriveTribe Logo!

Some money is out for you to grab!

5w ago

Ever since the arrival of Tribecoins , giveaways and competitions became a hit. This time , I am holding a giveaway.

I refrained from holding giveaways because of my lack of funds, but this time I am sponsored by Lukas Shepherd, one of the best renderers of Drivetribe.

So what is it?

You will have to redesign the Drivetribe logo- I'm pretty sure you all are familliar with the current Drivetribe logo.

Drivetribe image compression dammit

Drivetribe image compression dammit

What you need to do is redesign the logo by adding your own personal twist to it. Like what Srijan Gupta did to the logo.

You can use any photo editor ( Paint, Paint 3d, Photoshop, Pixlr X , and so on)

You can also hand draw a logo.

How Do I enter?

Simple- after you have finished making the logo-

-You post it in the comments.

-The logo that gets the most bumps wins.


- Do not steal designs from the internet, it must be designed by you. Don't try to cheat, as reverse image searching exists.

-Be nice, and do not hate on other's designs.

- Submit your design by January 25 , 2021.

The Winner Gets-

Two Hundred and Fifty Tribe Coins!!!!

If you have the most bumps, you will win 250 Tribe Coins!


This is inspired by SoundDrout's video about asking people to redesign the Discord logo, check the video out-

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