- T​he motorcycle is the one above.

W​in a car. Or a motorbike.

A​ unique opportunity through which a car or motorbike may be won.

47w ago

I​'m moving house, and the process has thrown up the inevitable old tat from dark corners. The dumpward-bound pile includes an expired cheque for £8.50 and an unopened bag of crisps from 2009, but also these two toys. One is a car, the other a motorbike.

T​here are leftovers from the filming of Our Man in Japan (available on Prime Video, along with etc) and were probably intended, originally, as gifts for some of the crew. But they pissed me off with their constant attempts to humiliate or kill me, so they must have stayed in my luggage. And now they are revealed anew, in the grey light of an English autumn.

'…​ and are excellent.'


T​hey are made by renowned Japanese maker of toy cars and motorbikes, Tomy, and are excellent. The bike, a Honda CBR1000RR SP FIreblade (superseded) comes with a paddock stand and a transparent resin rider that allows it to be posed in a knee-down cornering attitude. Like this, it appears ridden by a ghost. You could paint this rider should the remainder of your days offer nothing but ennui stretching to eternity.

T​he car is a Ferrari 488GTB and will stand up, unaided, on its four wheels, this being in the nature of cars.

T​o win the toy car or motorbike, you simply have to guess the weight of the toy car or motorbike (inc boxes and internal packaging) in grammes or ounces, and the nearest wins. It's a bit like one off those 'guess the weight of the jar of sweets' competitions, only it's for a toy car or motorbike.

P​lease ask permission from someone under the age of 12 before entering. The judge's decision is final and he may take some time to get around to being arsed to post the prizes.

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Comments (366)

  • Car: 95 grams

    Bike: 70 grams

      10 months ago
  • Ferrari - 45 grams maybe? 😃

      10 months ago
  • I’m going to go with 59 grams for the Ferrari

      10 months ago
  • 46 G Ferrari 28 G Bike 74 g Total

      10 months ago
  • Ferrari: 20 grams?

      10 months ago