Here’s a prize money can’t buy: a collaboration with Jeremy, Richard and James

5y ago

Introducing the Super Heavyweight TRIBE Competition.

We’re talking about a unique prize: a creative collaboration between you and the guys. Yes. Really. In early 2017, you could be working alongside them to produce a video, co-author an article or create something that no one has ever done before. So how do you win?


*Grow your Tribe faster than anyone else by adding more new members to your Tribe.

*Rack up a mountain of bumps and shares by posting the sort of content that has your members bumping until their fingers cramp. We’re talking about really blowing their socks off with stuff that inspires, excites and provokes them to the point of distraction.


*Post your Tribe page link using "Share & Promote" on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, email

*Create and share eye-poppingly good stuff that spreads far and wide across the internet


*Don’t spam other tribes with “come to my tribe”-type posts, re-posts and invites. Jeremy will be watching, and he’s stern: only use the “invite friends” and “share & promote” buttons on your tribe and posts. Seriously.

*Don’t inundate your tribe with a ton of crappy posts in the hope of collecting a handful bumps. We’re looking for high bumps per post, not total bumps.

The competition is live now, closes on 26 December, and we’ll contact the lucky winners in early January.

We’re giving FIVE of you lucky, brilliant (and presumably slightly mad) Tribe leaders an individual prize for the chance to create something-but-we-don’t-yet-know-what with Clarkson, Hammond and May. And in the spirit of being slightly mad AND to make sure Tribes both great and small get a chance to win: we’re awarding the prize to the Tribe leaders in positions #1, #5, #10, #20 and #73 on the Competition leaderboard.

Only Tribe leaders are eligible, but set up a Tribe now and you're part of the competition. What’s next is up to you! We'll be watching the growth and activity up until December 26th. How will I know if I’m leading? We’ll keep you posted via email with regular leaderboard updates.

All clear? Good stuff! Now go forth and become enormous!

The boring bit:
We have terms and conditions that apply and which you should read as they'll help you fall asleep on a restless night. They are available here:

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Comments (60)

  • After receiving an email on the 21st of december, noting that the competition was extended till the 31st... It remained quiet.

      5 years ago
  • @ Kevin Nicks. an ass's arse is also admired by some. No doubt, we'll get our arses kicked off here in a minute...

      5 years ago
  • The latest round of deletes appears to be past and the content on my tribe has been reinstated. I really want to stick around, having been here since before the launch, but even though this is a new platform as several have pointed out, for me the same issues are happening repeatedly, and that's a bore. I really hope now that the content is there to stay, and if so I'll be producing some more.

    I'm also bemused at the constant Porsche content on the main page. They could do with cycling through tribes and not just focussing on those with the highest traffic, otherwise the established big boys may end up permanently dominating this place.

      5 years ago
  • @Tim Moore, an 'ass' is a type of donkey, an arse is what we admire.. 😳

      5 years ago
  • I hit on the ruse of using the word 'ass' in some comments and hey presto, I got over the line.......

      5 years ago