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Win Tribecoins by creating a rhyme!

Playing games, in the Rover James.

Rhyme competitions used to be a thing on DT a couple of years back, and I felt it'd be perfect to bring it back and add some spice to it by making you guys compete for tribecoins! Make a rhyme about the picture above in the comments. It can be of any length - the main thing is that I should like it. Best two rhymes by 4 PM UTC on 6/9/2020 win 10 tribecoins each. Now go, go, go!

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Comments (134)

  • Sitting in a Rover in the rain

    Eating jam and bread

    Nobody's talking, nobody's noticed

    Grandma's dead

      28 days ago
  • Evos are red

    Subies are blue

    I know that this rhyme is copied and overused, and so do you.

    But all I have to say, phew,

    Is that in Soviet Russia..................Lada drive you!

      28 days ago
  • My man Clarkson’s eating something I can’t quite distinguish,

    Jane in the middle said she be looking a bit bloated so she’s tryna stay off carbs,

    James isn’t even there, Hammond started a fire that he’s trying to extinguish,

    Now onto the Rover, it’s got the structural integrity of a house of cards,

    And when it rains, the roof is the one that starts to leak,

    This makes it pretty bad for a picnic,

    And when it comes to issues, this isn’t even the peak,

    The James is surprisingly sick,

    Because when I asked Hammond if the car had been given any enhancers,

    He died by driving through some bricks,

    Meaning I didn’t get no answer.

    And by the way, who the hell has a picnic by the M3?

    It’s about as grim and boring as a man called John,

    I suspect that their hearts were all completely empty,

    Or maybe they’re all on something that they shouldn’t be on.

    But wait, they’re all about 95,

    This means that instead of taking too many pills, they forgot to take them,

    Yeah, that’s how they all died.

      28 days ago
  • Driving and eating

    With granny in the car

    Clarkson at the wheel

    You know they will go far

    Granny in the middle

    The best place to be

    I'd rather see her there

    Than driving as OAP

    And though I have no reason

    To go Hammond-bashing

    But you know if he were driving

    They would for sure be crashing

    With Clarkson as the driver

    Get ready for a shower

    You know things will get sweaty

    With him shouting: "POWEEER!"

      28 days ago
  • Jezza, Hamster and an OAP,

    Nice cheese sandwich, by the A3.

    The Rover James, proud as can be,

    Rain means poor visibility.

    Conversation dead, silence follows,

    A bite of cheese, the old lady swallows.

    The guests in the back, having a snooze,

    With Rover James, you cannot lose.

      28 days ago