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Win Tribecoins by creating your own car company

Get as innovative as you can!

We've all always wanted to create our own car company. Now is the time to earn some tribecoins out of your dream! Give me as much info as you can - about the range of cars, price, trademark features of your brand and anything else that you can think of. But don't write a whole encyclopaedia about it, as I might not be fully bothered to read through...

My favourite two company ideas will get 50 tribecoins each by 3/10/2020. Get yours in there!

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Comments (203)

  • So mine is called Tomczak, and it might be one big troll of a DriveTribe user, who is pictured in the initial sketches with more detail than the car.

    It's an Australian company and we make whatever comes to mind.

      7 months ago
  • I’m gonna create a company that exclusively manufactures this bad boy.

      7 months ago
  • My company would be TG limited, and it's slogan would be ambitious but rubbish. There would be three intial models the Clarkson, which will be a 2000hp open top SUV with straight though exhausts and the toolkit will only includes a set of hammers. The Hammond will be lightweight sportscar with a special device stopping it from driving on any airport runway and comes with it's own fire extinguisher in the tool kit. The May will be a luxury classically styled limousine with a maximum speed of 70 mph and comes with it's own full detailling kit. When the initial cars have come to end of their lifecycle they will be replaced by the Harris which will be a mid engined V12 supercar with a special drift mode and the tool kit will be 10 extra sets of Pirelli tyres. The La Blanc will be a limited edition muscle car solely for the American market and the toolkit will be a blu ray boxset of Friends. Designers did consider also the Evans which was a three wheeler like the Reliant Robin and only came with an orange roof and the toolkit a picture of Billie Piper, but this idea has been quietly dropped.

      7 months ago
    • I didn't expect Billie Piper😂

        7 months ago
    • A couple of remarks, if I am allowed: the Hammond needs an additional device that prevents the car from going fast uphill...or just from going uphill. A rescue helicopter would be a very useful 'accessory' for this car. The May should work...

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        7 months ago
  • My company will be called Wageneer. We shall make wagons out of exquisite and normal cars too! And many of the projects have been imagined through my renders too! We'll also tune these wagons to be track monsters as well! All hail wagons!

      7 months ago
  • Mine is called Trekk Automotive. It is meant to be a bit of a mainstream brand, but I’ll probably start with a limited run performance car to help create a name for the company. The car is called the Trekk Spirité, and it is a mustang-sized sports car. It will be powered by a 666hp naturally aspirated v8. The car will focus a lot on cornering too, with a Gordon Murray style fan. Check out my profile for a basic render of it. It’s in my garage. I’ll post it here in a second. The company would be Canadian.

      7 months ago