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Win Tribecoins! - Photography competition 2!

Want a shot at 250 juicy Tribecoins? Of course you do, read on!

11w ago

After finding myself with a vast sum of Tribecoins, I decided that I wanted to hold another competition. I loved seeing the creativity and skill of the photography community here on Drivetribe, so here's another round of the photography competition.

Entering is easy, just post an awesome picture you took of a car down in the comments!


You must take the photo yourself. Any photos found on google will result in disqualification.

The photo must be car related. Whether it's a picture of a model car or a detail in the interior of your car, as long as it has a car of some sorts in it, you're good.

No video-game photos, all entries must be taken in real life.

You may submit a MAXIMUM of 3 photos.

If you entered the last competition, please don't reuse photos, submit something new.

Feel free to edit any photos, but please do not add or remove anything from it.

Submit your entry by April 20

The Winner:

I will choose the winner on April 20 based on originality, and overall skill as a photographer. Don't let that scare you off if you've never taken a picture before in your life; maybe you've got some hidden talent!

What are you waiting for, go take some pictures!

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