windermere WHIPPY

1y ago


On a late August trip to visit my Mum in Cumbria, I took the scenic route instead of the M6. After all - if you're visiting the Lake district, you ought to make the effort and see some lakes! The ferry across Windermere is run by Cumbria District Council, running a regular service across the centre of the lake, saving the few miles needed to drive around either end. .

There was a short queue leading down to the ferry dock, and the ferry itself was just reaching the other side of the lake so I bought a ticket costing a very reasonable £1.60 for my elderly Yamaha XJ600 and myself, and was amused to see the description on the ticket as Mcycle\Horse. With the bike in the queue, and ticket bought - with 20 minutes to kill, the strategically parked Mr Whippy van proved irresistible and I bought an ice cream cone with raspberry sauce - and found that the cone fitted perfectly between the front brake fluid reservoir and handlebar

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