- Note improved but still bogus triangle.

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Some people turn left or right; for others, it's an aural orgasm

3y ago

Do your indicators or turn signals sound nicer than the ones on this, my JDM 1990s Honda Supercub 90? I bet they don't. But if you think they do, post below.

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I think the white flash on the mudguard is to indicate an engine between 70cc and 125cc.

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  • I like the indicator sound in my Mercedes. I'd like to think that a bunch of Germans thought long and hard, had many meetings and spent a lot of money to make the indicator sound "luxurious" and "worthy of the Mercedes legacy".

    And it's probably not nonsense, because it sounds nice, it alerts you that your indicator is on, but it's not annoying.

      3 years ago
  • If you had a merry turn signal sound, but you had to use a crunchy stalk to produce it, would that be net good or net bad? #NoiseCalculus

      3 years ago
  • Morning James! I cheated but it's cute! youtu.be/Q8F-m2bni14

      3 years ago
  • Dammit, I’ve clicked your hand-drawn triangle again. #gullible

      3 years ago
  • Damm I nearly clicked the yellow triangle again

      3 years ago