Winners of Concept Car Competition-Round 1

    And here it goes.....

    4w ago


    So,the results of Round 1 of the Concept car competition have been announced.And it is as follows:-

    Battle #1:-Alfa Romeo Carabo

    Battle #2:-Mercedes-Benz C111

    Battle #3:-VW Nardo(W12)

    Battle #4:-Jaguar C-X75

    Battle #5:-Cadillac Elmiraj

    Battle #6:-Renault Trezor

    Battle #7:-Bentley Exp10 Speed 6

    Battle #8:-Acura Precision

    Battle #9:-Infiniti Prototype 9

    Battle #10:-Mazda RX-Vision GT3(Just won by 1%)

    Battle #11:-Polestar Precept

    Battle #12:-Tie(Yep,it is a Deadlock)

    Battle #13:-Cadillac Sixteen

    Battle #14:-Red Bull X2010

    Battle #15:-VW Golf W12

    Battle #16:-Oldsmobile Aerotech

    Battle #17:-Alfa Romeo BAT(s)

    Battle #18:-Mazda Furai

    Battle #19:-Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato

    Battle #20:-Jaguar F-Type Concept(By Behance)

    Battle #21:-Porsche 928 Cabriolet

    Battle #22:-Skoda Mountiaq

    Battle #23:-BMW Nazca C2(Another close call by a 1% victory margin)

    Battle #24:-Bugatti VGT

    Battle #25:-Lamborghini Asterion

    All in all,26 cars have been qualified.Congrats to all Round 1 winners!As for the eliminated cars,Thanks for participating!!😊

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    • Yay! Go Sterrato!

        28 days ago
    • Ya lessgo RX-Vision!

        28 days ago
    • I was at the NAIAS when Mazda unveiled the Furai. I stood there for 45 minutes taking in all of the lines and contours. Very unique machine and quite attractive in person.

      Also saw the ELMIRAJ & Caddy 16 (which has lots of presence) at NAIAS.

      NAIAS = North American International Auto Show, At COBO Hall in Detroit. It used to be HUGE. Not so much anymore. My Dad got supplier passes and we would go three days before the public. It wasn't all games. He was taking pictures and notes on how the other manufacturers were making coolant and windshield washer bottles - that's what my Dad designs. I ask lots of questions regarding specifically what he is looking to see. Always fun for me to learn about anything cars.

      **yes as soon as my Dad is available I will be doing more posts regarding his work.

        28 days ago
      • Wow,that's an amazing experience,David!

          28 days ago
      • Every time. I lost track of how many times I went. DB9, when introduced, blew my mind. I stood there for almost a half hour before being dragged away. Car shows is where you see these cars. Concepts were fun. No one is making any right now because...

        Read more
          28 days ago
    • Not the Cien! I’ll go for the other Cadillac now...

        28 days ago
    • Nooo my Terzo Millenio!

        28 days ago


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