Winners of Rolls-Royce Young Designer Competition revealed

Rolls-Royce invited kids from around the world to draw their dream Rolls-Royce. Here are the winners of the competition.

42w ago

The Rolls-Royce Design Team invited children aged under 16 to submit drawings of their vision Rolls-Royce. Four categories were available for entrants during Covid-19 lockdowns, titled technology, environment, fantasy & fun; and over 5,000 drawings were received from over 80 countries. No rules were constrained upon design submissions, meaning children could let their 'imagination run free'.

The winners of each 4 individual categories along with the top three runner-up entrant submissions were carefully selected by Rolls-Royce, and renders of the drawings were created by the luxury marque's design team.

Here are the 4 winners and 3 highly commended drawings:

Technology Winner: Rolls-Royce Bluebird II - Chenyang, age 13, China

Environment Winner: The Capsule - Saya, age 6, Japan

Fantasy Winner: Turtle Car - Florian, age 16, France

Fun Winner: Glow - Léna, age 11, Hungary

Highly Commended: Bolt - Declan, age 10, United Kingdom

Highly Commended: Prosperity - Tim, age 9, Germany

Highly Commended: House of Esperanto - Alisa, age 6, Russia

Who would like to see some of these futuristic designs come to life?

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