Winners of the Competition are here!

Let's see who won 250 TCs!

In case you don't know, last week I had organised a competition where the task was to make the F40(Which is one among the cars I don't like ngl) as ugly as possible. Before I proceed, I would like to say Thanks to all the contestants for showing their interest in the competition. I've come up with 3 places, of which only the Top one will receive 250 TCs, whereas the 2nd place will recieve 50 TCs and 3rd place will receive 10 TCs! Anyways, let's meet the Winners:-

3.Joe Boater

3rd place goes to Joe Boater's entry. It looks ugly ngl, yet I feel it's a bit boring with a single colour scheme on the car's body and no liveries on it. Anyways, congrats Joe on winning 10 TCs!

2.Lukas Shepherd

2nd place goes to Lukas Shepherd's entry. So he calls it the Harlerrari(Which I feel it deserves the name). This could have been No.1, yet there was something that was preventing it. So, I had to cut this on Liveries and hence, this slipped to 2nd place.

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner is.........

Vincent Höhlich!

How ugly is that?! Looks like a 6 year old has spray-painted on somebody's parked F40. Not only the colour scheme is cool, but that imagination and thought process is just beyond next level of ugliness!! And that's why I feel this one deserved 1st place!

Special mention-Dusty Drifter

Dusty Drifter had entered the competition with this pic. I loved this, but since it isn't his own creation, I had to disqualify this, sadly.

Congrats to Vincent Höhlich, Lukas Shepherd and Joe Boater for winning your respective TCs! If you wanna check out their profiles, just click the links below!!

Oh, and do visit my personal account as well!!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and see ya!😁

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