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Winning The Bitter Battle Against A Low Sun

A try at a simple "how to" guide

3y ago

In summer the world is bright, quite literally because the sun rises early and sets late. You do not think about it. As it is no longer summer, the sun starts to rise later, causing one or two problems for your favourite motorist.

Soon the sun has turned into a blinding beam of lights which colours the world white, yellow and a faint tint of orange. For tired eyes this little speck of light can turn into a painful beam that burns not only you and your eyes but also every sort of motivation you may have had. I am hard-pressed to find anything worse in life.

A speck of light

A speck of light

Now, of course, the logical way to deal with this would be by donning some fashionable shades.

Job done. Problem solved. Conclusion had. Tribe post finished!

Not so fast thought, I am trying to work out how many suitable shades I have for the occasion. In summer you always have a pair lying around. In autumn and winter? Not so much.

Ever so fashionable ✌️

Ever so fashionable ✌️

Let's admit it. The one you store in your car is out-dated, embarrassing and most likely broken. Even if you decide to wear your 1940s sunnies, at the intersection you'd turn left and all of the sudden the world is tinted in black and nothingness. In the end this results in a driver who is more busy putting on and off their sunglasses than looking at the road.

The option I prefer is more athletic. The car visor is a futile object in this scenario because there is always a gap that lets the sun through - traditionally between the visor and the rear view mirror. However, if you can be bothered to move an inch to the left the world is bright again. Well, actually it is dark again because there is a shadow covering your face now. I understand that this constant movement and resulting grotesque poses may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Hence we shall look further:

It is coming!

It is coming!

What can one do against the sun itself? It just sits there in the sky, shining happily and not bothering one bit about my misery down here. Since producing clouds was outside of my capabilities I had to look elsewhere and began to consider a gigantic sun-umbrella for the car.

Not only would this help to keep the car comfy and cool, it would also prevent rain and bird-dropping from hitting the roof. Sadly, the sun was not bothered. It was morning, and so it was not high in the sky and shone right into the car. Hence I was back to square one ...

The next option was to drive in reverse all the time. I don't need to explain my obvious logic behind this, or that it turned out to be a bad idea ...

You win this round!

You win this round!

As I tried to implement my next idea (painting the windows black) my cat decided that he would sit on top of it. There was no possible way I could get rid of him! This, however, inspired me:

I've stated before that cats are ultimate proof that stubbornness is going to beat intelligence. Maybe in this endless battle between the sun and humanity it could teach me something. There was nothing I could do against the sun itself. I can't move it, various shading options were impotent against its sheer force. What I needed was a feline tactic! This would turn into a battle of wills.

In the end a battle hardened and iron will turned out to be the only realistic option or, I dunno, get sunglasses you always have in the car ...

Your choice.

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Comments (3)

  • I wear glasses that tint themselves, but they don't work in modern cars bc of UV protective windows. They would otherwise be a perfect solution to your problem! (As it is, I merely curse every time there is sunshine when I drive.)

      3 years ago
  • Hi Susanne! This was a great read as I can so relate to the perils of a low sun!We are just starting the Autumn months and I struggle with the sun on my drive to work and home. You are right! I do have a really ugly pair of glasses in my glove compartment for those emergency moments I am hopelessly blinded. Great article :) Thank you!

      3 years ago
    • I am glad you enjoyed it! At the moment, I don't have sunglasses in my car so I mostly squint myself through the drive to the train station nowadays ...

        3 years ago