Winter Drive 2013, Part 1: the story

Good cars, bad roads, snow and friends in the french alps

At first, the call: "Dude, one week in a Megane 3 RS with rally championship tyres in the french alps chasing classic cars, are you in?" Silly question, of course i'm in.

We are going to be sherpas, bringing tools to the fools with the previously said Megane RS, witch is in fact a society vehicule, and so converted to a two seater according to french legislation. More noise inside and less weight, perfect.

We get the car near Lyon and head to the alps. Autobhan here we are, full throttle out of the toll. Wait, Wtf is this noise, is the boot open? This car seems to have afterburner and oh god, 265hp, we have the most powerful car of the run and even if we beat the 911 2.7 rs by 300kg this is going to be a great week.

Great news

An Old Lady

Great news, their is snow, a lot. The variety of cars is great. The previously said megane and 911, their is more 911, classic mini's, a golf gti, a renault 12 Gordini and a Saab 96 monte carlo with a 3 cylinders 2 stroke engine who did the Monte Carlo historic rally, wich i'm going to talk about in a next article.

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Petpet, the 2 stroke saab cold start caught by my 2013 sh..ty phone. I'm more about photos, sorry.

... with a view

... with a view

The megane seem to be the perfect weapon on this small roads, handling perfectly and with way more engine than needed. The lack of spiked tyres made the ice track a bit boring as we had almost no traction but that was expected.

Small roads full of rocks and snow 8 hours a day and an ice track session later, we give back the Megane to its owner, in perfect condition. What a great week. In Part 2 coming soon you'll find pics, lot of them.

If you liked, pass the word ;) Thanks for reading.

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