Winter is coming.

No snow yet, but during the night the temps are dropping below freezing already. Winter is coming. The 900 is looking forward to it. So is the driver.

4y ago

After having owned a wild variety of more or less classic cars and driven many more modern ones, I still cannot think of a better car for white roads. That is, other than 99 and 90, which are leighter (and as we all know, adding lightness makes everything better) and have shorter overhangs, and consequently even sharper handling. No other car has ever made me felt so secure, yet still always encouraged me to push it a little bit further...

99/90 and 900 all have double wishbone suspension set-up in the front, a leightweigt solid rear axle (firmly guides in a Watts parallelogram and with panhard rods), and a near perfect weight distribution (60:40 empty, 51:49 loaded). That means good traction on snow and gravel, but you'd also be surprised at how well these handle for an FWD car. If you have a little bit of a feel for a car's behaviour, you can choose exactly how they go around a corner - staying neutral, or rather going sideways? All it takes is some play with steering wheel and throttle.

Pictures taken some three years ago on Rollei Crossbird, which basically just seems to be an old Agfa slide film emulsion, purposefully labelled incorrectly as C41. For those times when you really want to force that fake vintake look...

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