Winter mode

2y ago


Well it's that time of the year again. You're pulling your large, wide wheels and sticky tires off in lieu of some skinny, small diameter wheels, and for what? So that your car can get beat up by salt, snow, and slush for 4-5 months?

My (Pat) car when it was still on bags, in winter mode.

For anyone who is confused, those of us in the tougher parts of the country/world deal with what we call winter, where snow and sub 40 degree temperatures are the norm for a good portion of the year. And to handle this, we dedicate a set of tires and often wheels that are suited to handle these conditions. Due to the nature of winters, we dedicate wheels that we don't mind beating up, and to handle snow better, we use smaller diameter and skinnier tires.

Dewey and Stev's winter modes

But here in the Midwest we believe in a car that can be driven year round, and that's why we drive AWD cars and use winter tires. Because at the end of the day, nothing beats throwing your skis or snowboard on your roof rack, plowing some snow in your car to get to the slopes to plow some more snow. And while the RWD guys leave their cars in a garage for these months, we are sneaking out to empty parking lots after work to do some stress-relieving drifting in the snow.

Ffej in winter mode