W​inter Motorsport Fix

T​he Plum Pudding race day at Mallory Park.

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W​inter is when motorsport become a less common activity, short days and less than agreeable weather means that race cars and drivers spend their time tucked up readying themselves for next season. For the motor racing enthusiast it's a dull time.

F​ortunately Mallory Park in Leicestershire known as the friendly circuit puts on a race meeting known as the Plum Pudding races on Boxing Day, This means instead of stuffing myself with left over turkey and small versions of full sized chocolates, I charged the camera and went to the track to satisfy the need for petrol powered fun.

T​he format for the meeting is a simple one with bikes, saloon cars and sports cars and qualifying being determined by the order they registered for the event. Practise starts at around 10 o'clock for each class followed by a couple of races each, meaning the event is done and dusted with plenty of time before sunset.

Despite the weather being fairly awful good grids were assembled and with there only being three classes an odd mix of machines took to the 1.35 miles (1.39 for bikes with added chicanes) for a days racing. The eagle eyed will spot the lone supermoto amongst the more track biased bikes.

T​his was pretty much the theme of the day with cars and bikes that would never normally race against each other being thrown together which results in some fun and unusual battles.

T​he races were dominated by three individuals taking all the wins from their respective classes.

B​ikes: Aaron Staniforth on his Honda CBR

S​aloon cars: Rod Birley in the mighty Escort WRC.

S​ports cars: Ashley Hicklin who would expertly tiptoe his Radical SR3 around the increasingly wet Mallory.

The Plum Pudding races are very much about enjoying the grassroots racing and getting that last minute motorsport fix before the long wait till March when the season gets back into full swing for both drivers and spectators.

T​his was only a quick look at the event but if you do find yourself in England around Leicestershire and bored of Christmas telly next year be sure to go and check out the Plum Pudding races at the friendly circuit that is Mallory Park.

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