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Pakistan's first tokyo drift style meet

On Sunday 20th November 2016, me and my team from the automotive group called Stance Mafia held Pakistan's first ever Tokyo Drift Style car meet in Lahore. We had came up with doing this since the group was created back in December 2015, but we never got the chance. We had held our own small get together in early June but that wasn't much of a success. So the months went by and after coming back from England I decided to go ahead in creating some form of infrastructure of the event. We created our Facebook event page at the start of October and that's when the hype started to get big. The same day we created the event page we had our first meeting. It was our first big event so we had to get all the contacts we had to get the wanted venue for the meet. Though it all paid off. We managed to get the venue within 2 weeks after we made numerous phone calls.

By the end of October we had got a lot of attention from many automotive enthusiast around the state. We were getting messages from people who lived like 2-3 hours away from Lahore who were going to bring their slammed rides, one of them which has air suspension fitted. It was really great for us at the point. As it was a Tokyo Drift theme we mainly encouraged people who owned lowered JDM cars to attend the meet which in Pakistan is not the hard to do.

Coming to 2 weeks prior to the event we had meeting at the venue. This allowed us to create a whole management team and give out each and everyone's roles in what to manage throughout the meet. On top of that, the venue meetings helped helped us to get an idea on how to set up the DJ, lights and cars etc.

Day 0. Let the fun begin!

Day 0. Let the fun begin!

EVENT DAY! We all arrived at the venue by 12pm to set up as the show was expected to start at around 4pm. We spent around 3 hours setting up the lighting, DJ and other miscellaneous things. The cars started to arrive by 4pm and the scene was getting pretty epic. The lighting was creating an entire Tokyo like scene which really made it like it was Tokyo. People outside the car park where like "What in the world is going on up there?". All you could here was just music blaring away and the sound of engines revving. We had kept the number of public visitors to a minimum so it wouldn't have got crowded. At the peak time, we encountered some burnouts and cars which were spitting flames. Even tough it was a car meet, bikers boys ended up crashing the meet. But it wasn't bad, it was a spectacle to watch them also burning rubber. All in all it was a successful event and we managed to pull off Pakistan's first Tokyo Drift Style car meet. <I've attached some pictures of the event below>

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