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Winter testing pace still confuses Binotto after 'intense' but 'linear' 2019

The Italian marque led in Winter, but their lack of springtime pace confused many. Including Ferrari, who still scratch their heads about it.

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One of few surprises to come out of the former half of the 2019 Formula One season, was Ferrari's lack of pace in the early stages. After a domination of pre-season testing, many expected to see red cars leading the grid in Melbourne.

This, however, was not the case, and it was instead the Mercedes' commanding the early races, scoring a record number of one-two's, as Ferrari lagged behind. This apparent loss of pace left many dumbfounded, including Ferrari themselves, who still scratch their heads about it, according to team principle Mattia Binotto.

we were expecting a better performance after the winter testing

Mattia Binotto

"Weird… I would say it has been an intense season. Many things happened. If I look from the team perspective or the technical point of view, I think it has been a linear season, somehow. If anything’s weird, I think it’s we were expecting a better performance after the winter testing, and I think that we never really understood what happened from Barcelona to Australia. If anything, those guys certainly made a jump ahead," said the Italian.

Binotto also took the opportunity to speak on his team's long-term development and pace from that point on, which he said to be linear, with performance improving steadily.

"I think that from our perspective, then we had performance weaknesses in the car that we improved all through the season, as I said, in a linear way – and I think the car in the second half of the season was certainly better, compared to the first part."

"We are still not the best car in the race. I think that other cars are still faster in the race. We are not certainly the best car in cornering and at least we know our weaknesses, working on it and from that respect it has been a bit linear."

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