Winter Weaponry - McLaren offers bespoke winter tyres for its supercars

1y ago


Whoever said that a supercar is just for summer use hasn’t spoken to the nice people at McLaren HQ. The Woking-based carmaker has announced that their range of cars remains fully usable when the new ice age arrives thanks to a simple tyre swap.

To ensure you don’t bin your beautiful new McLaren sideways into a snow-filled ditch, the company is now offering a bespoke approved Pirelli MC Sottozero 3 tyre option with its own lightweight alloy wheel.

This rubber setup is specifically tuned and approved for use on McLaren road cars and is capable of reducing the stopping distance of the Sports Series model by 10 percent on wet roads, and a massive 20 percent on snow-covered roads.

The official winter wheels and tyre package comes ready to go for any sports series model. With the idea being that the switch from summer to winter rubber is a seamless one for owners. McLaren drivers can also spec just the tyres on their own without having to buy a set of additional wheels.

Any of the Super Series models can be specced with this package, including the 540C, 570S, 570S Spider and the 570GT. Meaning that owners can burble around in their supercars all year round.

So, would you drive your supercar around in the snow with these winter boots on it? Or would you hide it away in the garage? Let us know in the comments.