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What happens if you order Worst Spots Of The Week from Wish?

11w ago

Well you get this. Nice one buddy.

No hate to this particular user, but a few things to keep in mind:

1. Don't rip off people's posts

While I don't own WSOTW, you should still ask for permission before making a blatant copy. Or at least credit the original

A big problem with rip-off posts is that they hurt the original creator's image. If you knew WSOTW, but didn't know who makes them, you might be lead into thinking that this article was written by me. Please, I've seen better written on the back of a shampoo bottle.

2. Don't use Google images

Every image from this post was just found in the Google images section. Don't believe me? Reverse search them yourself.

Using images you found on Google leaves you open to copyright claims and strikes. If the owner of the image finds you using it without permission, your article could be deleted, or worse, you could be sued.

If you need help finding good images for your post, give this article a read:

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Comments (10)

  • Thank you for pointing this out. I was searching Worst Spot Of The Week, and that came up. Whoever that is, please don’t rip off ideas that you don’t give credit to.

      2 months ago
  • Haha that guy thinks he’s the ceo of infinity

      2 months ago
  • 🙌🙌 Very well written. Also, thanks for linking that article. Even though you have told me where to get pictures from it's still useful

      2 months ago
  • Lmao i cant find a car on wish

      2 months ago