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    With California announcing a ban on the sale of new petrol-powered vehicles by 2035, what do you think will happen to the value of such vehicles when bans like this come into effect?
    • I think the value of cars with petrol and diesel engines will go up once they are no longer able to be sold new as there will still be people resisting EVs.
    • I think the value of such cars will go down as they will be irrelevant and outdated by that point.
    • I haven't got a clue at all.

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    • It's just new cars that will no longer be ice. Theres still gonna be plenty of infrastructure for them. What's going to happen is people will go to Nevada to buy cars. Until its national people will find a way around it.

        2 months ago
    • They may ban new ICE car sales forcing people into electric vehicles but the only way the air quality will get cleaned up is by taxing ICE cars off the roads.

      This won’t ultimately go through for a number of reasons.

        2 months ago
      • It will unfortunately because California is desperate.

          2 months ago
      • Yeah, the threat to your existence would would do that.

          2 months ago
    • 15 years gives California residents enough time to slowly sell their ICE cars and buy electric. Those old cars will find their customers on a used car marked across the USA. Will be sold in the states that will allow the ICE cars. Simple. But, God only knows what will the world look like in 15 years.

        2 months ago
    • Only in California you'll find a Shelby Cobra worth as a Bugatti Chiron.

        2 months ago
    • Electric cars can die in a hole

        2 months ago


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