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With Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, You Can Race In Your Home AND Screen At Once

Augmented reality adds a new dimension to the standard Mario Kart experience

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For the 35th anniversary of Super Mario, Nintendo has announced a welcome bunch of new games and collections in a recent direct. One of them is this: an augmented-reality Mario Kart game where you control an actual toy kart.


Developed with Velan Studios, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit comes with both the game software and an actual remotely-controllable kart that has a camera on top to let you see where you're going. The in-game feed, meanwhile, shows items and opponents like your usual Mario Kart, and the physical karts themselves will respond to game actions -- even the shelling.

Cardboard gates act as checkpoints that mark where a user-generated circuit will flow, though the maximum range of these gates remains to be seen. The game allows 4-player local multiplayer (which means there will be more kart units down the line) as well as costumes.

Switch console not bundled with the game. Photo from Nintendo.

Switch console not bundled with the game. Photo from Nintendo.

Priced at US$99, it's not cheap, but I reckon the karts themselves make for good-quality display models, with a definite '70s F1 feel. Plus, with the potential for expansion and replayability, you may get a little more for your money than you may anticipate. Home Circuit launches 16 October for the Switch, so you have ample time to save some bills for this one.

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