39w ago
W​ith technology advances coming faster than ever, what new automobile tech are you excited for?

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  • New engine technologies to increase power, also excited for new fuels for the ICE to shut the eco-freaks up

      9 months ago
  • Synthetic fuels. I can't wait to see where that is going. It's in it's nascent stages but could become an incredible game changer in many ways.

      9 months ago
  • The developments that will make driving more exciting.

      9 months ago
  • All of them, no matter what, I don't care, but I want all those new things.

      9 months ago
  • As a racer I am always interested in new fuels, im pretty deep into methanol but if they came out with a fuel that had all the benefits of meth without the drawbacks of it being stupid corrosive I would be all over that. As far as tech for road going cars I genuinely don't care, I don't buy anything newer than 2009 so I won't have it.

      8 months ago