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With the Commodore gone - Ford v Holden rivalry might finally end

I am speculating what fits instead of the Commodore...

Ford v Holden is a rivalry that is lived for a few decades, it is one of my favourite rivalries in motorsport. Hell it created an entire championship of motorsport called Supercars, formerly the V8 Supercars and a bunch of names earlier. This rivalry made legends over years - Peter Brock, Allan Moffatt, Larry Perkins and the modern supercar's legend Craig Lowndes. I know families who have supported Ford or Holden across 3 generations and have made Bathurst 1000 weekend as close to sacred as it could get.

Ford v Holden might end in 2021

But, recently past and recent news might just end this rivalry - Ford pulled out the Falcon but kept it in supercars till 2018, then Ford did not give up it gave the Mustang and it was modded, actually mutated to fit the regulations of the Falcon. And it made 2019 a season to remember - some will say for wrong reasons. Recent news is that Holden has ended the Commodore, sure it will be missed but the Ford v Holden rivalry can might finally to an end after the 2021 season. That is one long rivalry - since the start of the Supercars till the date, Ford v Holden is one long equally matched rivalry.

But, After Ford ended the Falcon they have the Mustang. What could Holden do? Holden's parent company is GM, under GM is one of Fords long term competitor - Chevrolet. Recently, Holden's website featured the Chevy Corvette (C8 Generation) the mid engined one, I suspect that could be the Holden's answer to Ford's for the Supercars. But, the Supercar's Formula till date is a front engined, heavily powered V8 and rear wheel drive. Based on that, the only other car I can think of that competes directly with the Mustang from Chevy is the Camaro. If it happens - The rivalry could be named Mustang v Camaro or Battle of the Ponies.

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  • I think the GM replace the Commodore with a new one .

    Race a Chevy in Australia was a too big mistake in marketing side from the Holden . (My opinion)

      1 year ago
  • The ZL1 would be a bug up Mustangs ass.

      1 year ago