With two turbos and 16 cylinders, this Integra could scare a Bugatti Chiron

Yes, it will fit in your Honda.

2y ago

Last year we discovered a guy in the US, named Ryan Standke who engine swapped a turbocharged 5.3-litre V8 into a Honda Integra.

While throwing an LS engine into a small sports car isn’t new, what made his creation different was the Integra remained front-wheel drive.

Designed as a half-mile drag racer, Ryan is taking things to the next level by installing a 5.3-litre turbo V8 in the back. But, he is also leaving the one in front.

The rear seats have been ditched, while part of the floor was removed to make way for the second LS4 and transmission.

With 10.6-litres and two turbos to play around with, power is expected to be around 1305kW.

The Integra is far from complete, but future plans include upgrading to larger turbos and adding methanol injection.

Keep updated with Ryan’s project on his YouTube channel and Instagram.

If you want a hint of what the final product will be check out this bloke's Volkswagen Golf with two turbocharged VR6 engines.

Is this the maddest Integra ever built? Let us know in the comments.

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