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Wolff agrees to communicate more after Bottas' Abu Dhabi radio moment

The Austrian agreed with the Finn's idea to communicate more with the drivers in 2021.

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Toto Wolff agrees that there needs to be more communication from his side in 2021 F1 season after the radio call to Valtteri Bottas in Abu Dhabi.

After a tough year for Bottas in 2020, Wolff surprised everyone with a radio message of 'all you have, Valtteri' when he was starting his final flying lap in qualifying. Whether it was push or his own drive but the Finn got pole by beating Lewis Hamilton.

Wolff at that time talked about communication, which he elaborated about in a media call on Tuesday during the launch of the 2021 Mercedes F1 car. The Austrian agreed that they need to talk more during the season, especially on the Bottas side of the garage.

He added that they will also try to do the same with Hamilton if he guides them to. "All drivers are different and with Valtteri, I have known him for more than 10 years, he is absolutely cool on how we approach racing and he has always been," said Wolff to media including me/FormulaRapida.net.

"What we discussed is that we needed to talk more to each other and communicate more, especially with all the distractions that we have, all the tasks at hand, sometimes during an intense season, you don't talk enough. This is what we want to change in the future.

"And part of that was also to have that communication on the radio and feedback which for me is no problem at all on the contrary. For Lewis, again, he's a different driver, We will always try to do what is good for him but it needs to be guided by the driver in that respect," summed up Wolff, as Bottas concurred with his Mercedes boss.

"I think for sure, over the years, you learn always more about to know what works, what doesn't," said Bottas to media including FormulaRapida.net. "But I think what I've learned recently, I think that the kind of team support and being able to communicate more, more with a team is quite important.

"So yeah, for sure, with Toto, we tried to keep more in touch, and very openly about everything, but with also with other other team members, you know, everyone in the team, and especially that the core race team, it's important to have good communication and good support.

"So you know, the team in the end is there to provide all the support they can for both of us as drivers. And I shall shall use it, everything I can and all the support I can get," summed up Bottas.

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