Woman Gets A Ticket After A Train Smashed Her Car But It Isn't All Her Fault

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Everything about this video is very frustrating, and if there were no description in the video you'd think the driver was both an idiot and a very unlucky person.

The driver crossed an intersection shortly after the railroad crossing gates opened. However, not even five seconds had gone by right before the gates started coming back down again to indicate another oncoming train. This caused the driver of the doomed Toyota Avalon to get blockaded between the gates. Being trapped, the driver thought the best idea was to jump out of the car instead of getting railroaded by the train.

According to the video description, the Avalon had actually stalled, and the driver recording the entire thing with their dashcam had yelled for her to run away from the car. There wasn't much time between the car stalling and the train hitting it to expect anyone to be able to safely restart the car and get out of the terrible situation.

According to WFMY News 2, the driver of that Avalon had left the scene of the accident as she was nowhere to be found when the police came to investigate the crash. According to traffic officer A. Goins: “We certainly understand the driver getting out of the vehicle and moving to safety and we are glad they were able to do so but anytime you are involved in an accident it’s always best to remain at the scene and speak with officers.”

The woman later turned herself in and was charged with "No Operator's License" and given a citation for a railroad crossing violation. The citation is quite silly as the video clearly shows the crossing gates had moved up and back down again in a manner that would have trapped anyone attempting to go about their day.

The real issue here lies in the railroad crossing gates that failed to stay closed as a southbound train passed and a northbound train was coming through. Why didn't it stay closed the entire time?

What would you have done in this situation?

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