Female Mini driver gets lost and accidentally ends up on a race circuit

    It happens to the best of us...

    4w ago


    It is not uncommon to get lost when driving. We all do it, whether it's in a new and unfamiliar place or at somewhere you don't visit often but I bet you've never accidentally driven onto a race circuit where an actual race is taking place.

    This 29-year old lady in her Mini did just that and was most confused. She had just attended a drag race in Brazil where she competed. Once the race had finished, she carried on driving but got very lost, so much so that she ended up on a nearby racing circuit.

    At the sime time she appeared on the track, there happened to be an actual race taking place. This race was exclusively for Mercedes Challenge race cars, which meant her Mini Cooper S wasn't exactly suited for the occasion.

    During the race itself, the race commentators said the driver of the Mini should have been arrested, not knowing at the time that her appearance was completely accidental. Later, the Sao Paulo Automobile Federation has said it is investigating the incident.


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    • Oh cock.

        1 month ago
    • Isn’t this your car ?

        1 month ago
    • Are they sure it was a girl and not James may late for his hair cut this month?

        1 month ago
    • There’s an insensitive joke there but I’m afraid the easily offended leftists wouldn’t be able to handle it.

        1 month ago
      • Yeah people find everything offensive these days. People can’t take a simple joke anymore 😰

          28 days ago
    • Did she win tho

        28 days ago


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