Woman Saving A Parking Spot Is Why People Have Road Rage

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When advanced aliens from a different galaxy ever decides to look upon the history of the earth, the concept of a parking spot, and the humans' behavior about it, might be one of the most dumbfounding concept they'd come across. The thought that we would drive around for minutes, up to hours at a time, to find a spot to park our steel and aluminum behemoths, let alone the idea of converting acres of earth into asphalt and concrete, should be confusing to an alien that has discovered the ability for instantaneous travel.

But if you're not an advanced species from a distant planet, and rather you're a human being on planet earth, then you're aware of just how frustrating and blood boiling hunting for a parking spot can really be. When someone decides to break the rules of the road and CHEAT their way into a sweet parking spot, ROBBING the rightful owner of that privilege, then that person(s) deserve to the title of World's Worst Person(s) on Earth. The thought of people being entitled to things on/off the road is enough to induce a serious case of road rage. I'm angry even writing this!

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