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Woman trades in STI for a stock Veloster.

Whoever you are, you just made the single biggest mistake of your life.

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To the right, is one of the single greatest modern interpretations of a hot rally legend ever made - none other than the tyre smoking, backroad slaying, all wheel drive monster called the Subaru Impreza WRX STi. It's fast, but not too fast, it's a proper driver's car because it's a manual, and it's an icon because of its appearances in movies like Baby Driver, as well as a lot of rally pedigree. To the left, is a rather ugly - looking, boring, and slow Hyundai Veloster.

If I gave you the keys to both cars, what would you pick? I along with most organisms that contain blood, flesh, and a human brain would pick the STi - it's faster, more powerful, more practical, more reliable, and better looking. In short, no one, except this woman in the right mind would pick a Veloster.

This beauty? Come on, that's like saying that you'd rather crush on Barkhad Abdi when Marilyn Monroe is your wife. (Sorry Barkhad, no offense. You're the epitome of rags to riches, and you're not ugly.)

This beauty? Come on, that's like saying that you'd rather crush on Barkhad Abdi when Marilyn Monroe is your wife. (Sorry Barkhad, no offense. You're the epitome of rags to riches, and you're not ugly.)

For rather obvious reasons, I've blocked this lady's name, as well as the Hyundai dealer that sold the car to keep their privacy intact. Now, I understand if you want to trade in an STi for a Veloster N, simply because you're not buying a crappy car, you're moving from one pocket rocket to another. After, the Veloster N has Doug DeMuro's seal of approval, and that's completely fine. But it's not a Veloster N. It's a really stupid, bone - stock, Veloster.

So my man Hamzah and I had a debate about this, and he gave a really interesting perspective. If he had a choice, he'd do the same thing, provided he doesn't have the balls to work on the STi. But then he does, so I doubt if he'd do it in the first place. Moreover, just imagine what you could have done with that STi.- RWD conversion mods, ECU remaps, tuning it to make it a proper sleeper, or even better - giving it to the boffins at ProDrive or Mountune to fettle with, so that you get the ultimate, road - legal avatar of an STi. Imagine the tracking, the burnouts, the donuts, and the fun you've had, and then, like a desperate gambler, take a huge gamble, and lose all your money (or street cred in this case) in a heartbeat.

That's not the point, however. The fact of the matter is that on paper (and possibly in real life), an STi to a Veloster is like forcing yourself to move from an iPad Pro to one of those, fat original iPads from the early 2000s. Or like moving from a Tissot to one of those cheap, good - for - nothing Chinese watches. A mum who owns an STi gets a ton of respect in my book (as well as the others, too) and a killer backroad slaying beast to play with. I mean, imagine the street cred you get, and then simply throwing it down the drain for an ugly turd. Besides, I can totally understand if she didn't have the money to maintain the STi and had to sell it in that case. But even then, with that said, she might as well should have gone for an 86 / BR-Z instead.

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  • 2020 is really wierd.

      2 months ago
  • If you aren’t petrol head, Hyundai is better alternative than STI.

      2 months ago
  • I understand why she would have done it though. Much cheaper running costs, easier to drive and possibly an auto in the Veloster for better daily driveability.

      2 months ago
    • Cheaper running costs? Maybe, now, What does it mean "better daily driveability"? The car is a Rally legend, what better driveability is there? Easier to drive!? AWD, i rest my case...

        2 months ago
    • If that's what she cared about she shouldn't have bought a WRX STI in the first place

        2 months ago


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