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Women in Motorsport - In their own words

This International Women's Day, come hear the stories of 15 women in motorsport from various roles, who share their experiences of the sport they love

Motorsport was in its infancy when women joined the ranks as participants and volunteers with only thirty years passing between the first recorded motorsport event and the first female competitor.

This progressive attitude of motorsport was not shared. It took years for women to get other rights such as voting and although its getting better, differing pay rates are still an ongoing issue for women and men in the same role.

However, somewhere over time, motorsport lost its way with women often seen as just eye candy or inferior racers despite not getting the same chances afforded to males through lack of sponsorship or willingness to give them a go.

Fifteen women, representing various roles in motorsport shared their experiences with the sport they love on camera and during the filming of this project, other women came forward to share their experiences.

Instead of being acknowledged and valued by the wider motorsport community for their passion to volunteer, support and compete, many contemplated leaving the sport entirely because of the harassment and abuse for being a female in a ‘man’s world’.

Judgement of women is often based on their age, looks, and sexuality instead of their skills, experience and knowledge and I firmly believe that it’s time this stopped.

It’s time women championed women on and off the track.

It’s time for men to let go of their outdated views of women and their place in the motorsport community.

Women have been representing motorsport since 1897 as fierce competitors, officials, recovery and pit crews, managers, track operation specialists, supporters and fans.

They’re there, week in and week out, helping things run and supporting and encouraging those around them.

Without women, motorsport wouldn’t be what it is.

Exhilarating. Exciting . Inclusive.

Motorsport is for everyone.

Grab a beverage of your choosing, get comfy and listen to these wonderful women tell their stories in their own words.

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Comments (14)

  • Good article, good interviews - as you say, Motorsport is for everyone and there should be no roles, in any form of the sport, that are closed to women. This interview footage should be picked up by one of the national/international broadcasters to gain the wider audience it and the subject matter deserves.

      1 year ago
  • As a woman getting into Motorsport this is so encouraging to read and hear. Thank you for recognising the abilities and equality of all 😊

      1 year ago
  • Great interview, Shane.

      1 year ago
  • Solid work Shane - what I liked best is you had a mix of state champions to amateurs officials an promoters alike 👌 wicked to see such great content out of WA

      1 year ago
  • Right on, OP! As a trans gal who’s considering joining the pro leagues, I agree with all this wholeheartedly

      1 year ago