Women of DriveTribe, We Want You On Our Podcast

The members of the newly created Fuel Injection Podcast are looking for a female co-host to join the FI podcast team.

3w ago


If you are a female petrolhead and you are interested in being a co-host on a fairly new podcast called Fuel Injection, please DM either me or Rahil Hashmi and we can tell you more details of what you would be getting into, should you decide to join our team.

Links to our profiles:

Rahil Hashmi: drivetribe.com/u/_5zIXU7B6ij1fA-8AF14DS?iid=cxPNqonWTvin-e85nYZjWw

Leila Lopez Marks (me): drivetribe.com/u/GiBGiWdiLmAphqfO-GJ3qK?iid=aUQSRn_eS_uNeO4zkPBCjA

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