- Woodstock's traffic jam

Woodstock's traffic Jam

One of the biggest traffic jam in history

3y ago

It's the summer of '69 the so called Summer of love, the climax of hippies culture and a golden era for music's history. In the little town of Bethel in the state Of New York (U.S. ) for be more precise in Max Yagsur's farm, five hundred thousend people went to see the Woodstock Festival of Music and arts.

Flyer of the festival

Flyer of the festival

The Festival:

Born from an idea of Michael Lang, John P. Roberts, Joel Rosenman e Artie Kornfeld, the festival was supposed to take place at the Mill's industrial Park in the Orange County, after some problems with authorities and thanks to the help of Elliot Tiber, owner of a little hotel "El Monaco" at White Lake in Bethel, the event was moved at Max Yagsur's farm, when the organizer realized the amount of people who would partecipate.

Started the 15 of August of the '69 until the 18, Woodstock gather an impressive crowd, It was sold 185.000 tickets at the begin, after all this affluence the event became free.

A three days of Peace and Music, four days in the end, a list of amazing musicians who marked their name in history, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Who, Greatful dead, Creedence Clearwater revival, CSN and Young and lots of others...a beautiful atmosphere of love and peace, tons of drugs and a thunderstorm which turned the place in a sort of muddy puddle but didn't spoiled the fun at all...The festival caused too one of the biggest traffic Jams...in the world.

The Jam:

People gathered from everywhere, jamming the roads and even the New York State Thruway was closed, long queue of cars filled the way of acces at the festival, most of the performers was flown to the location by helicopters, because at some point the cars was completely stuck. People waited peacefully, chatting and singing and then when it was clear there was no way to continue with the cars, people just abandoned them and walked to enjoy the event.

Just some personal thoughts...

I have an infinite love for Rock and hippies culture, the sixties and in particular the '69 are the top of this movement, which promoted peace, love, equality and freedom, when young people belived a better world was possible, I was not even a thougth in the mind of my parents at that time and probably is just the stuff of legends around it which make it appear so fascinating, but if I'll ever have a TARDIS, the Woodstock Music and arts Festival it's the first place where I will go!


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  • one of the moments that was the Best of USA! You're right, if we had the luxury of time travel, what a trip that would be!

      3 years ago
  • ☮️✌🏼 l o v e & p e a c e & p r o m o t i n g t h i s ✌🏼☮️

      3 years ago
  • Hippies + Logistics / Planning = Chaos

      3 years ago
    • big events have logistics fail even nowadays, in the Woodstock case no one expected such affluence, and there wasn't trouble in the queue or episode of violence...

        3 years ago