World's fastest car made of cake

The record was set by famous racing driver Michael Andretti

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in 2020, ilani Resort and Casino in Ridgefield WA, opened a new parking garage. The new garage offers one million square feet of parking, and more than 2,700 spaces. And how did ilani decide to celebrate this accomplishment? By breaking the world record for the fastest car made of cake.

To break the record, ilani teamed up with celebrity cake artist of Black Sheep Custom Cakes and original record holder of the fastest edible vehicle, Mike Elder, and world champion auto-racing driver, Michael Andretti.

The Car

For the record attempt, two cars were designed, baked, and built by Mike Elder with the help of a team of nine people, over 46 hours, adding up to 414 total manhours of work!

Both cars consisted of vertical 12 layers of sheet cake, with an additional five layers of cake on the rear wing. The black car, a tribute to Mario Andretti's 1979 Lola, was built from 139 chocolate sheet cakes with buttercream frosting. The white car, a tribute to Michael Andretti’s 1991 championship season, was built from 139 vanilla sheet cakes with buttercream frosting.

The cakes were constructed on a home-built structural aircraft aluminum chassis with high-speed bearings and slick tires, and as required the rules, over 90% of the cars were edible.

The Record

On 18 November 2020, event organizers gathered at ilani’s new state-of-the-art parking garage where the two cake cars raced side-by-side during the official attempts. The white car, driven by Andretti, was the record-breaking vehicle of both attempts, with Chef Mike Elder behind the wheel of the competing black car. Traveling at a speed of 17.08 MPH (27.48 KPH), Andretti drove the fastest edible vehicle to record-breaking victory, surpassing the original record of 10.69 MPH (17.2 KPH) set by Elder in 2012.

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With the help of Share Vancouver, a local nonprofit whose mission is to lead the hungry and homeless to self-sufficiency, both cake cars were broken down following the successful attempts and served to those in need.

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