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World’s fastest donk with 1500 hp takes on Ken Block’s 1400 hp Hoonicorn

'71 Chevy Impala convertible vs. '65 Ford Mustang

6w ago

Ken Block is trying to take on the world in his prized all-wheel-drive 1400 horsepower Ford Mustang Hoonicorn. First he took on a 1-of-1 McLaren Senna Merlin, then Bryce Menzies and his 950hp trophy truck. This time he is up against a rather unique machine - a 1500 horsepower Donk - '71 Chevy Impala convertible with a full C7 Corvette interior.

An extra 100 horsepower isn't going to help when the Donk is about a ton heavier than Block's machine, so you can imagine how this one is going to go. For all the details, check out Hoonigans Hoonicorn vs Donk video above!

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Comments (4)

  • The Donk took a bonk in the wonk.

      1 month ago
  • Uh...dragging a donk with that much power is just asinine. I am really surprised the grownups didn’t step in and challenge this. Hope it had a rollcage at least.

      1 month ago
  • People don't do this in Forza suprisingly

      1 month ago