Pick up your girlfriend from the hairdresser with this car, and she will hate you. Only 3.2s from 0-100, or how to destroy a good hairday.

This might be quite hard to believe, but for some people, #Porsche's 911 can be a little bit boring. Is it because it has been the same car for 50 years? Or because the looks have never evolved? For all the 911-reluctants out there, the Turbo S may be the solution to all your hatred, and disrespect. This ballistically fast cabriolet might just be one of the fastest in the whole world.

The Turbo S is Porsche's way to say "top of the top". There is simply nothing faster on a straight line. Engineered to be the perfect autobahn killer, this 911 is the most comfortable dragster one can find. Also called the "daily supercar", the Turbo S is the perfect blend between practicality and sportiness. You can always argue about the two tiny seats in the back but two small legless kids will fit in. Otherwise, take a VW Cayenne. The double-clutch PDK gearbox is also the closest thing to an F1 gearbox you will find. It makes it very smooth when driving normally, and super responsive when driving like a nut.


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Now, what about this engine? Being a 911, you will find the usual flat-six. Pumped up with not one, but two turbos that will deliver 530hp. If you think about it, this is not that much. However, mankind has probably never experienced something like its acceleration. It will, occasionally, destroy every other road users at the traffic lights. It will not only destroy your most reckless opponents, the Turbo S will humiliate them. With a 0-100 in only 3.1 seconds! A few magazines have also claim a 2.8 seconds in perfect conditions. This makes it as fast as a 700hp Lamborghini Aventador.

Looks pretty innocent. Step on the gas, and get disfigured.

Looks pretty innocent. Step on the gas, and get disfigured.

But this car will also offer a comfortable ride. Equipped with an all-wheel drive system, the 911 is way more usable than any Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Unless you are the kind of person who likes to brag about your own wealth, you will love the Turbo S' discretion. It does not scream the "Look how rich I am" as other exotic supercars. Obviously, it looks slightly more expensive and exclusive than a Nissan Micra, still I don't think a Russian oligarch will choose this for a night-out in Monte Carlo.

Connoisseurs will know that Turbo S isn't the new one. In fact, two models came out after this one. The new Turbo S develops 580hp, and a new Exclusive Series tops at 600 ponies. But this particular model is not that far off. It will still beat the usual Nissan GT-Rs, and other big computers on wheels.

Apart from everything else, this car does not look amazingly expensive.

Apart from everything else, this car does not look amazingly expensive.

Have we found the perfect sports car here? Adapted to any season, any occasion, and any time of the day. It wears some kind of classiness. Indeed, a businessman is better seen in a Porsche than in a Ferrari. The versatility of this car is also quite impressive. From Comfort to Sport +, this car has so many different moods. Add to it the fact that it is a cabriolet, and you find yourself in front of a really fun car. If you are looking for a car that is capable of being a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in a snap of a finger, this is it!

Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Perego Cars, situated in Switzerland, for giving me the opportunity to review and shoot this car. Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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