WORLDS FASTEST SHED!!! Probably Faster than your car

IT'S GOT NOS!!!!!!

3y ago

Kevin Nicks, a brilliant British gardener, has taken the comfort and mechanism a step further in technology. He built a completely road-legal drivable shed.

Snapping necks

Snapping necks

This drivable shed use to be a Volkswagen Passat and then it was transformed into a street-legal drivable shed house. After several months of hard work and spending more than £5.000.

This functionally-designed two tone shed car has a 2.6 litter V6 petrol engine from the Volkswagen Passat. It's also been equipped with a button to open the doors automatically, a dash cam and three other cameras that offer a better vision.

It also has the title of "The world's fastest shed" approved by an event at Elvington Airfield in York after reaching the speed of 88.086 mph.

It's now possible to take the comfort of your house with you and enjoy the nature with this fabulous vehicle.

One year later Kevin Nicks smashed his own world record for the world’s fastest shed, by reaching a top speed of 96.8mph. Kevin was hoping to break the 100mph mark and only fell short due to high winds and adverse weather conditions. But thanks to the added nitrous boost he recently installed on the back of the unorthodox vehicle, Kevin was able to power through and officially break his existing world record.

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