Imagine a flubber instead of a car....

For a true car lover, a dent in their car means like a hole in their heart. Every time they come across it, they feel a lot of discomfort and would do anything to fix it. But now, with this new technology you car might never get a dent.

At the Tokyo Motor Show, a concept car named "Flesby" was unveiled by the company, Toyoda Gosei. What's so special about this car is that it is completely covered with external air bags everywhere, including the hood which would protect it from any collision.

"We put airbags, which are mainly employed inside the car, on its exterior, such as its hood or fender, to protect the entire body," Takashi Ishikawa, managing officer of Toyoda Gosei, said on Wednesday.

This vehicle being a prototype is only a single seat i.e for the driver and runs completely only on electric power.

The pedestrians can also be safe as this rubber would absorb all the energy in the collision leaving anyone unharmed.

Flesby would be out commercially by 2030.

Article by- TheGenuine Petrolhead.

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Comments (3)

  • Lol what he said ^

      3 years ago
  • Nobody's going to convince me that a trained 'designer' came up with this piece of crap. What a stupid object. Producing an undentable car is doable without turning it into some insectile pile of horse-pooh. More to the point is WHY ? Driverless cars are almost upon us and the number of times they have accidents is going to drive the body-work trade into the ground. Proximity air-bags and similar are enough to cope with low-speed impacts with citizenry and unexpected-items-in-the-bagging-area, so the whole idea is as much use as an improved burner for a steam-train.

      3 years ago
  • A dent might improve the looks :-)

      3 years ago