37w ago


Most people can tell when they don’t belong somewhere. I however, am not most people. While in Arizona over the winter, I mistakenly walked into a ritzy event next to Lamborghini Scottsdale. I was completely oblivious to the cocktail waitresses and men in velvet suits eating exotic looking cheeses. No, I didn’t pick up on any of this, and instead gravitated towards the array of interesting cars out front. That’s where I met a man named Allan Travis. I use the term “met” loosely, because he stopped talking to me after realizing that I wasn’t exactly on the guest list. (It was probably my tattered shorts and flip-flops that tipped him off). Instead of conversing with plebeian filth like myself, he grew a sudden interest in the two attractive women who’d just walked up (Though, I don't blame him). As he walked away chatting up the two girls, I overheard him say , “Well, I was talking to Jay Leno earlier…”

"he grew a sudden interest in the two attractive women who’d just walked up..."

That’s when it finally hit me… I really wasn’t supposed to be there. -Yes it took me that long, and yes I’m an idiot. Regardless, it left me standing alone next to his car… and what a car.

Valve cover signed by Mr. Bugatti.

The oval grille and the patinated badge were unmistakable. Bugatti. And not just any Bugatti at that. A 1913 Bugatti Type 22. This one doesn't stop there. It happens to be the oldest running Bugatti, period. No joke, the guy drove it to the event, and I’m told he even races it. Pretty impressive, as this Type 22 was built by Ettore Bugatti himself, complete with an immeasurably rare signed valve cover. Hell, that alone is probably worth more than my soul.

The best dashboard. Ever.

Following an increasing number of dirty looks from the (actual) guests, I decided it was time to leave before someone asked me to. However, not without first taking a couple of photos for your viewing pleasure...

Little plaque above the licence plate is from a dealership in 1913

All said and done, leaving without making a scene was next to impossible. Afterall, my car's exhaust is anything but subtle. The quiet nature of the event was further ruined by my friend, who was also there… in his built drift car (also loud).

Turns out the Bugatti's owner wasn’t joking about Jay Leno. Shortly after the event, he and the Bugatti popped up on an episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage”. Definitely worth a watch, if anything to marvel at the sort of upper crust who can afford to own timeless beauty... A car that’s maybe a little out of place.