Worrying Return of the Scrappage Scheme!

Why is the return of the scrappage scheme such a worry?

4y ago

In recent weeks we have started to see the steady return of the scrappage scheme, with various offers being made by different car manufactures across the UK trying to entice you out of your old motor and into a brand new one. Owners of smoky old bangers are yet again being encouraged to trade in their old car and get cash off the ticket price of a new shiny motor.

Why is the return of the scrappage scheme such a worry? Well in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t! It’ll be nice to see the back of a few old Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and BMW E46 318i’s. The first time we saw this happened was in 2009, and the nationwide scheme saw nearly 400,000 cars scraped, never to see the road again!

Unfortunately, among those hundreds of thousands of cars, were some real motoring classics that any petrol head worth his salt would happily sell a kidney to get back on the road. And the worrying part is; we may see the same happen again! We are on the brink of seeing some real future classics disappearing off our roads.

According to the list the government so kindly published from the last time this offer ran, two people walked into a dealership and handed over the keys to their Jaguar XJ12 for a meagre £2,000 discount off a replacement. A further four people gave up their Ford Escort Mexico’s. Even un-roadworthy project examples of the Escort Mexico can sell for more than £10,000 today!

They weren’t the only ones on the list that made us need to sit down. Two Renault 5 GT turbos bit the dust. And this wasn’t the only 90’s iconic French hot hatch to be effected. Thirty two Peugeot 205 GTI’s were taken away from us. The 205 GTI is still today, 32 years after its release, the benchmark that many modern hot hatches are scored against for smiles per mile!

Three Porsche 928s were lost to the 2009 scheme. This was a car that when it was released, went on to win car of the year in 1978 and was hailed as the best GT car money could buy. There is even a single Lancia Delta HF Integrale on the list. There are no words to justify this.

The list of old BMWs made for painful reading as well. From the single BMW 2002, to the thirteen 635 CSI’s and the four M535i’s, yes, that said four! What is wrong with these people!

With this new scrappage incentive, we are preparing to see a few newer icons on the new list. There wasn’t a single Honda S2000 on the list from 2009, but given the price of a used example now, you’d be safe to put money on one or two showing up on the next one.

The MK1 Audi TT is also at the point in its life where, to many people, it’s just not that desirable. But give it a few years and it’ll break through that classic barrier. For now though, it could be fairly tempting to chop it in for some cash off a new modern coupe or roadster.

What other cars do think we are at risk of losing to this new scrappage scheme? Tell us in the comments.

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