Worship me! I'm an engineer!

Engineer sued by Google founded his own church...believers come forth!

When I started my engineering degree almost two decades ago, some lecturers (the very old ones) were rather acidulous and scornful. It was not just the generation gap. Their vast experience in tackling engineering problems and unfortunate interaction with young and "opportunistic" students, was perhaps what triggered a behaviour that made roles perfectly clear. Still, Anthony Levandowski has set a new benchmark, by becoming the founder of his own religion.

You probably remember the name, since it is the self-driving vehicle engineer, who was sued last May for disclosing trade secrets (while working for Uber), by his former employer, Alphabet's autonomous vehicle unit.

Without haste and with a vision in mind to "develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence and through understanding and worship of the Godhead contribute to the betterment of society", he set out to preach.

The discussion on robots taking over the world has been going on for decades. However, only recently has the Artifical Intelligence reached a point, where there are serious concerns, often announced by the most important innovators in the field.

Is Levandowski genuinely worried about the future of mankind, is he trying to find "disciples" who will become "martyrs" during his imminent legal battle or is he simply raising a white flag?

Last year Alphabet Inc. (Google's parent company) announced profits, slightly over $90bn. With a legal "Dream Team" after Levandowski, he'd better start walking on water pretty soon.

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