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5w ago

While still up for debate, I still believe that the Ferrari 458 is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. The proportions are perfect, and it has the rare ability to look good in nearly every color. Unfortunately, somebody decided to test that theory, and the result is disturbing.

T​his trend is not exclusive to Ferrari's either, Bugatti owners sometimes believe that because they got rich they suddenly know how to design a car. Below are two Bugatti's, an EB110 and a Chiron. They are undenieably beautiful cars, just not when painted like this. Y​ou might recognize the first car as the one owned by Yianni Charalambous, a well known car wrapper.

The ability for anyone to be called out is the beauty of Worst Spec. It is an account that finally gives these people some accountability for their awful color choices. When you walked down with mismatching clothes as a kid, your mom or dad told you to go change. When you go out with your significant other, you ask them if they think you look good. That is something these supercar owners don't have. They are surrounded by yes men who won't tell you it's a bad idea to take your Mercedes S550 and put a body kit and some ugly paint on it so it almost looks like a Maybach from like a mile away.

T​o be fair, Worst Spec has had some terrible takes. The account has put up some amazing looking cars and called them ugly, but that is the beauty of the account. True terribleness is beyond discussion, and it deserves to be called out. Worst Spec's followers make sure to let him know when the car is undeserving to be on the account. Hopefully if you face the misfortune to be featured on Worst Spec, you either understand that your style is not for everyone, or you just want to be different.

R​egardless, I would suggest everyone go follow Worst Spec, where you can give your opinion on how people choose to stand out beyond what their car already does.

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