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Would Jaguar be better or worse if it was owned by VW instead of Tata Motors?
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  • Totally the wrong mindset for Jaguar really, I suspect they’d just be Audis with nicer leather. Tata has made a huge difference to Jaguar sales, whilst yes, they aren’t the best selling car, they are selling far more.

    Jaguar is a hard car company to get right, Ford wasn’t the right for it, but so far I think the current lineup is by far the best it’s had, at least quality wise. Sure, not perfect by any means, but if you get in a Jaguar, it’s a Jaguar, not a badge engineered thing, as I imagine VW would just gentrify them.

      1 month ago
  • Definitely better. Think of how many manufacturers that they have turned around.

      1 month ago


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