Would You Be Interested In A D​riveTribe Community Gran Turismo One Make Race?

A​ couple of days ago Stijn Paspont asked if I could help out setting up a community race on Gran Turismo, I thought this would be a great way to allow some of you guys to race against each other, so we started discussing some ideas.

T​his event would be a one make race probably hosted by myself in the next couple of weeks, I will be including some polls below to find out when most people would be available to race as well as which car you would like to use. We would like to use Spa-Francorchamps as the track for the race as it has recently been added to the game (finally!)

If you are interested please could you complete the polls below and I will soon follow this article up confirming details of the event.

T​hank you for your interest in this idea, I hope to see you out on track very soon! If enough of you join and the idea works out I might follow this up with more events like it or possibly some kind of series.

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