Would you buy this child-size crystal covered Jaguar E-Type for $46,000?

Only in Dubai would you find something like this...

36w ago

Having something nobody else has, is quite a special feeling, I would imagine. I once had a verruca which remarkably resembled Tiff Needell's face but I didn't make a song and dance about it. But we're not here to talk about my feet, we are here to discuss this remarkable child's toy.

The toy in question might just be the most insane thing you've ever seen. It is essentially a child-sized toy car which looks a bit like a Jaguar E-Type but it's plated in 24 Karat gold and has 100,000 Swarovski encrusted crystals all around it.

This is a remarkably rare piece of work and it is of course for sale, in none other than Dubai. A place called The Car Vault, has this, among other things for sale.

But what makes this 'toy' even more special is that it took over over 1000 man hours to hand plant all these crystals. On top of that, the bespoke hand stitched leather interior features diamond stitch panels, complemented by a solid 24-karat plated alloy steering wheel.

And as if that wasn't enough for you, it was handmade in the Britain. Long live the bespoke diamond covered car...

And as you can imagine, this is a one-of-one piece of art, hence the insane $46,000 (£36,000) price tag.

Would you buy this?

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Comments (49)

  • One way to ruin a childhood

      8 months ago
  • I can imagine Veruca Salt begging her father for 10 of these. Spoilt brat's toy, really.

      8 months ago
  • Look how they've massacred my boy 😩

      8 months ago
  • My sons had one of these, and were very happy with it.

    Kids don't care...

      8 months ago
    • This one is cool too, it's the Baghera Rider, the firetruck is the Baghera Speedster...

        8 months ago
    • That is cool though, the e-type is an abomination to the brand

        7 months ago
  • NO!

      8 months ago